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  • Name:DF900A Metal crack detector
  • Date:2018-8-8 15:59:31
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Application: DF900A ultrasonic flaw detector is a kind of portable industrial nondestructive testing instrument. It can be used to detect, locate, evaluate and diagnose a variety of defects (cracks, porosity, pores, inclusions, etc.) easily and accuracy.

Technical parameters:

Frequency bandwidth:0.3-22MHz

Impulse voltage:-400V

Pulse front edge:<10ns

Repetition frequency:1000Hz(each channel)

Average time:8

Sampling depth:512,1024

Matching impedance:25,500

Detection mode:digital detector

Gain margin: 0dB-110dB waveform display:radio-frequency wave, detection(full detection, negative or positive half-wave detection), signal frequency spectrum(FFT)

scan delay:0~500us controllable 0.008us precision

Scan positioning:time base(Built-in real-time clock-0.02s precision)/real position(incremental encoder-0.5mm precision)

Imaging mode:according to the choice of operation mode and the corresponding equipment configuration and setting to display A scan, B scan imaging, C scan imaging, TOFD imaging, P scan imaging, guided wave imaging

Straight line scan length:0-40 m

Recording mode:complete original data records

Off-line analysis:scan record waveform of A scanning in scan recovery and playback  Defect size measurement and profile description  Thickness/amplitude data statistical analysis record is converted to ASCⅡ/MS Word/MS Excel

Data report:Direct Printing A scan, spectrogram, B scan imaging, C scan imaging, TOFD image, P scan imaging, guided wave detection


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